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Tax consultants

Tax consultants

Optimization. Help. Management. Reporting.

Tax consultations

Consultants will choose the optimal taxation before registering a business and optimize the current one

Negotiations with tax authorities

We will take all the work on ourselves for negotiations and reporting to the tax authorities

Judicial protection

Our tax lawyers will defend you and your business in court

Checking of audit

We will conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of your business to understand its effectiveness, risks or theft

Here’s what our customers say

«Compared to typical banks, we’re saving 5% on our overseas transactions with oneadvocate Business.»

Tim Dawson, Head of Finance • Rhodes
«We manage multiple currencies, track payments, simplify reporting and pay our team in one simple dashboard. It’s a huge time saver.»
Tim Dawson, Head of Finance • Rhodes

What have we already helped with

Theft was detected at the factory

Reduced taxes for small businesses to almost zero

Significantly reduced the amount of VAT by court decision

We have achieved a change in the type of activity to reduce taxes

Tax Lawyer here for you!

Need a little more help?

Business Currency Account FAQs

A multi-currency business account is a oneadvocate Business account where you can send and receive international payments in a number of different currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, ZAR, TRY, SAR, SGD, SEK, RON, PLN, NZD, NOK, MXN, JPY, ILS, HUF, HKD, DKK, CZK, CHF, CAD, AUD, HRK, BGN, QAR, THB, and AED.

The cost to convert currencies in your account will depend on the currency you want to exchange, and how much you want to exchange.

A 0.4% fee is applied to any exchange above your free allowance according to your plan. An additional fee may be charged depending on the currencies you want to exchange.

You can quickly set up unique local accounts in your business’s name to make and receive local payments.

Enjoy local payments with:
— Local GBP account details (BACS and Faster Payments for GBP payments in the UK)
— Local EUR account details (SEPA for EUR payments in the EEA)
— Local USD account details (ACH for USD payments in the USA)

Creating a multi-currency account with oneadvocate Business is straightfoward – simply:

1. Sign up to oneadvocate Business
2. Once onboarded, you can open a new multi-currency account balance in seconds – from your mobile and web app.

Even better, it’s free to open a multi currency account from an existing oneadvocate Business account

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