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Opening a business

Opening a business

We will register a company or business for you in any country

Consultations on starting a business

Consultations on starting a business in the right country, taxation and organizational features

Opening a company

We will open for you a company of any organizational and legal form in any country. And we will provide further support.

Registration of an entrepreneur

We will register you as an individual entrepreneur and provide the necessary support

Opening of bank accounts

We will open bank accounts and credit cards for your business

Audit and accounting

We will provide you with support in accounting services, during inspections, as well as management and recruitment

We keep your money safe
Keep your money safe with our anti-fraud system. All our cards support 3D Secure and our contactless card limits help fight contactless fraud


Get up to 200 virtual cards per team member. Available for all plans


Order up to three physical plastic cards per team member. Available for all plans


18 grams of stainless steel, available in gold and black. Exclusive to paid plans

Here’s what our customers say

“We use oneadvocate Business to generate physical and virtual cards for employees to fund our e-commerce growth.”

Elliott Aeschlimann Perales, CEO • Bombinate

It starts with your card

Using your oneadvocate card unlocks more ways to spend and save

Control your team’s spend and permissions from one place

Spend with confidence and get card data security with no compromises

Learn more about Security

Spend abroad like a local

Learn more about Vaults

Save time and avoid hassle with automated Expenses
Learn more about Expenses

Get a consultation right now!

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