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ONEADVOCATE — one lawyer for any task!

Any help from a lawyer or just life advice? — just write to us and we will come for help!


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Our goal is to make the services of a lawyer more accessible to everyone

Legal services are one of the main business and often vital services. However, they are often needed when there is already a problem and you need to make a lot of efforts to help a person or business.

Our goal, first of all, is to focus on the prevention of problems, and this can only be done through a good and affordable preliminary consultation with a lawyer. Already at this stage, you can save a lot of future expenses, emotional losses, freedom and reputation, and therefore the future.

However, we do not want to consult in time for several reasons: we have no one; it is expensive; or we are simply ashamed to ask a question to a professional, since we know the solution ourselves. However, it doesn’t work that way.

Therefore, we want to be the smartest friend and assistant for you, who will prompt, help, and arrange in time. And you don’t need to be embarrassed for your questions, because that’s what we appreciate the most, really. And it will be quite inexpensive – not as expensive as you expect or it costs a good lawyer in your city. Therefore, we do not have hourly pay and you always know the price of help.

Try us in action!

A lawyer has never been so accessible to you!

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