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Family lawyer

The best family lawyers for you!

We can handle any question, no matter where you are

Consultations of family lawyer

Get advice on any question, even the most sensitive issue. And be sure, everything will remain between us

Dissolution of marriage

Lawyers will help you with the dissolution of marriage in any country. Services are available in person and online

Recovery of alimony

We will collect alimony for the child and other family members.With the maximum possible amount

Division of marital property

Get a preliminary consultation from our lawyer on the question of what you are entitled to in a divorce. And then get a real help in court.

Resolution of disputes about children

Ask our lawyer: who will the child stay with? how to protect the rights of the child? will the husband take the child away? We will be as useful to you as possible!

Don’t be left alone with your problems!

Ask your question to a lawyer

What is the maximum amount of alimony I will receive?

Раздел имущества

How to get more at the time of dividing property?

How quickly will we be divorced in court?

Which parent will the child stay with?

Need a family lawyer?

We are waiting for your question!

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