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More than just a lawyer

Assistance of a lawyer, wherever you are, on any issue. We speak all languages. Low cost of consultation.

The lowest price of a lawyer’s consultation!No hourly payment!Full consultation regardless of time!

We work in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia.We invite lawyers from over 68 countries!

Consider our franchise!

We work in 53 countries of the world

Just contact us on WhatsApp of any issue.

A lawyer will answer you! Fixed cost, which you choose yourself!

Consultation of lawyer on simple vital questions.

Consultations of family lawyer

Pay and get paid, hassle-free

Send and request money with a tap, split bills easily with anyone in 200+ countries

Legal disputes

Defense in court in any case!
Any country!
Any court!
Any complexity
Just set the task!

Search of information

Search for information, people, assets.Detective services.
Detection of infidelity.

Online Reputation Management:

 — removal of negative information

 — working with reviews

 — removal from the search results

Real estate transactions

Checking real estate, seller and transactions

Transaction support

Housing consultations according to the law of your country

Consultations on tax issues

We will help you with any question!

Just ask a question and we will help!

Go from cash to crypto instantly

Скачайте вам нужный шаблон документа из более чем 5000 шаблонов.
Просто вставьте свои данные и
используйте!Всего 10 евро!
Так же вы можете заказать проверку контракта или сделки.
А также  подготовку уникального документа по любой теме.

More than 5000 document templates!

Any document!    

For business and personal purposes 

Low price

Just insert your data!

Any help for business

Opening. Corporate issues. Customs. Taxes. Help with inspections.


Political, strategic and financial consulting from Japan to USA.

Preparation and verification of documents

Arbitration in any country with experienced lawyers and corporate lawyers

We can do more!

There is not a single issue that we cannot solve!

Copyright protection on the Internet and not only

Financial consultation

A personal and corporate financial advisor is always in touch for you

Your full protection!

Lawyers will work for your interests!

Join your trade Union!

It’s free!

Online introduction

Protection of your labor rights!

Our lawyers will defend you!

You determine the cost of the consultation and the level of the lawyer yourself!

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