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Family disputes

Family lawyer

Consultations and assistance in courts: alimony, divorce, division of property, children

Dissolution of marriage

Our family lawyers will help to dissolve the marriage in court and resolve any formalities during the dissolution of the marriage

Recovery of alimony

We will deduct the maximum of possible alimony! Just get a preliminary consultation with a lawyer and set the task

Division of property

We will take on any case and only if we can help. We will do our best to ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

Disputes about children and other

We will help in disputes about children, their place of residence, about the order of communication. As well as in cases of deprivation of parental rights, establishing paternity. We will resolve any other family dispute

We want to become a close assistant for you!

In which situation we have helped

We found and established the paternity of the man

Collected alimony more than it could be

Found the property and shares hidden by her husband

Organized divorce Online

Contact with a family lawyer

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