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Reputation management

Manage your business reputation with our help

Removal of negative information on the Internet. Deleting reviews and working with them

Removing Negative Information about Your Business

Quite often, competitors and unfairly dissatisfied customers cause more harm to your business than you might think. We will remove all negative information about your business!

Removal from search results

Quite often outdated information can carry a negative personality and business for many years, as it appears in search results. Let’s check the negative about the business and delete it, or hide it

Working with reviews

We will be able to remove negative reviews about the business. Or improve your reputation through special ways. Write to us!

Bookkeeping made quick and easy

Reduce human errors and save time with automated bookkeeping tools. Sync expenses automatically with accounting software like Xero, or easily export them as a CSV file

Here’s what our customers say

«It’s a game changer. Just use cards and upload expenses to the app. Approved spend syncs to our accounting system.»
Arthur Edson, Head of Finance • Wild

Reputation is very important!

What can we do?

Delete outdated criminal record information

Delete reviews on Google Maps

Remove negative comments on social networks and fraudulent websites

Delete personal data from search results

Contact our lawyer

Need a little more help?

Expense Management FAQs
All payments processed through the card reader will settle into your Merchant pocket within 24 hours
The oneadvocate Reader supports Chip & Pin and contactless Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro payments, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung PayDescription

Currently, we only integrate with Nobly POS; we have more integrations coming soon.

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