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Let’s check the partner, the employee

Any checks. And search for any information

Partner checks

Even at the initial stage of concluding an important contract, the main thing is to understand everything about the partner. We will find any information about the company and the manager

Employee verification

We will check any employee. This prevents fraud, theft, including trade secrets. Increases the integrity and efficiency of your business!

Search for any information

We will find any information about companies and people. And don’t ask how we’ll do it. Just set the task!

What can we do?

One app, all things money
oneadvocate helps your employees send, spend, and save smarter
Payroll in clicks, not hours
Effortlessly customise employee pay, save time with automatic calculations, and much more
Bulk payments, instantly

Save time and effort by paying all your suppliers and employees in a few clicks

Here’s what our customers say

«We are now more secure than ever knowing we can access our salary On-Demand whenever the need arises»
Gipsy Hill Brewin

Gipsy Hill Brewin

  • 1

    Find Financial information
  • 2

    Reveal personal secrets
  • 3

    Find contacts and assets
What are you waiting for?

Start making time for the things that matter today

Need a little more help?

Expense Management FAQs
All payments processed through the card reader will settle into your Merchant pocket within 24 hours
The oneadvocate Reader supports Chip & Pin and contactless Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro payments, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung PayDescription

Currently, we only integrate with Nobly POS; we have more integrations coming soon.

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