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Documents templates

Document templates for business

For the manager. Accounting department. Personnel service. For a lawyer. For a manager.

Templates for the manager

All our document templates are designed for businessmen. They will suit the manager and the beginning entrepreneur. We offer: business plans, letters, contracts, statements

Templates for HR Department

These are: instructions, agreements and employment contracts, orders, orders. Templates will greatly simplify the work!

Templates of documents for a lawyer

The lawyer will thank you! All legal actions will be accelerated! The templates are universal and prepared by lawyers.

Templates for accounting

Our templates will help both accounting and financial services. Just insert your data!

Templates for marketing and management

These templates will help you understand which processes are not regulated by your business. They will close the shortcomings and their application will be able to improve management

«Simple, seamless salary processing. Payroll reduces the number of third parties we work with.»
Daniel Cowen, CEO & Co-Founder • 3Doodler

Our templates help:

To make many services cheaper

Speed up the work o the staff

To warn the claims of the control bodies

To formalize management

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