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Labor disputes

Labor lawyer

Assistance to employees and employers

Consultations on labor legislation and disputes

If you are faced with issues of the labor legislation of your country or a legal dispute, our lawyer will help you deal with all the issues and tell you about the prospects of the dispute

In cases when someone trying to fire you

If they want to fire you or have already fired you, then hurry up to get the advice of our lawyer

Have you been discriminated against?

If your rights are violated, then write to us and a lawyer will come to help you!

Registration of personnel documents

We will take care of the registration and verification of labor documents: contracts, instructions, rules

Together we are stronger!
Join a trade union!

How have we already helped!?

We have achieved better payment terms through the work of our trade union

Collected wages for shotdown

The head was reinstated

We did not allow to fire a pregnant woman

Do not expect a violation of rights — contact us in advance!

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