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Corporate consultations

Consultations for business registration

Registration and business management. Stocks. Shares. Sale and division of business.

Consultations for business registration

Get advice on registering a business of various organizational and legal forms in your country

Business management issues

We will help you with the legal nuances of managing your business: decision-making between partners, registration and registration of decisions and documents, disputes, business division. Any other questions

Dispute resolution

Participation in negotiations with partners on your behalf. Sales, allocation and division of business. Dispute resolution.

Our customers’ opinion about us

«Consultations help to determine not only your rights in business, but the prospects for resolving any dispute.»

Questions that we have already helped with

Аllocation of a business share and obtaining fair compensation for it

Removal of director from the position for fraud in the company

Tax minimization through business separation

Resolution of a management dispute between owners with 50% shares of each

Take your time in making a decision! Get the advice of a corporate lawyer

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