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Housing Lawyer

Real estate transactions

All types of legal and real estate services

Preparation and verification of contracts

Order us to prepare a contract for the sale or lease of real estate. Or send the contract to our lawyer for verification.

Real estate transactions

We will organize and conduct real estate transactions. We work with buyers and sellers. Write to us about your needs!

Checking the property and the seller

We will check the property before buying, as well as the reliability of the seller to avoid losing money, real estate and other legal problems

Contact us!

We are your support in real estate!

We are always on your side!

We will not let you to make mistakes!

How not to lose money and property?

What do I need to check in real estate?

Which property is better to avoid?

If the real estate seller is bankrupt?

Are you selling or buying real estate?

Do it together with ONEADVOCATE!

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