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Our clients and employees make ONE ADVOCATE what it is

People above all!

There can be no exceptions in equality before each other! Whatever status, wealth, or other attributes we all had


Loyal customers


Monthly requests


Countries of presence


Our lawyers

We are only interested in the best lawyers and other specialists. If you don’t give your best and don’t respect — we don’t need you!

ONE ADVOCATE will not exist if you are not the best. Perhaps you will not be able to develop to be satisfied, as a team of the best will always achieve more than a loner!

High moral requirements

Often we don’t care about your law degree and the name of the university, if you are unique, you have high moral principles and faith in yourself, the team and the future

Principles and truth

We have no exceptions! If you have violated the principles at least once or allowed deception — you are not with us! Since it’s not about the future. Without trust, it is impossible to build a large and high-quality service

The customer is always right!

It is without clients that we cannot achieve our goals, and then why all this!

The customer is most important!

Without violating the principles of the law, we must help our people! And even the head of the company cannot influence this!

Normal is not great!

We have to do everything so that our client is more than satisfied

If the client says — then he is right!

Any bad assessment of our work means that we have underperformed! There can be no excuses!

The dream team!

If you cannot respect, accept and help everyone in our team, we are not on the same way!

We must be no less attentive to each other than to our customers

Details, respect, attention, lack of unhealthy competition, mutual assistance, honesty and the ability to make mistakes — that’s what we must have in the team. Nothing should corrode our culture from the inside.

The details are very important

We don’t cultivate indifference, but we don’t need formalities either. That’s why every detail of our life should be important to each other.


And this is about unhealthy competition. We have unacceptable: gossip, setups, shifting responsibility, indifference.

About honesty

Whatever honesty concerns, it should work like this: you did it, you made a mistake — you don’t hide it, no matter what it costs you.

About mistakes

We love mistakes because they make us stronger. We know that if we did it once, we won’t do it again. So you have to be honest.

Partners are the same customers!

Everything that surrounds us is all of us, all that we deserve.

We and our partners are also one team!

We always respect everyone with whom we cooperate. We cannot let anyone down and we ask the same from our partners. Therefore, it is always important to carefully choose those who are close in spirit, principles and goals.


We are as open as possible with everyone. But, starting cooperation, we are moving gradually in order to gain practice and make cooperation with partners predictable.


We, as lawyers, know what reputation is. We need the same partners. A partner may make a mistake, not know something, correct a mistake, but he must be stable in basic qualities.

Deliver wow

We love building great products, we love delighting our customers, we love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution that truly solves customer needs.

We build minimum lovable products, not minimum viable products (MVPs)

We do not believe in a strategy to quickly build a scrappy product to test the market. Too often, the reason for failure is not the product-market fit, but the bad quality of the product. We build products that we love ourselves and that are superior to our competition from the start.

We love solving problems in a simple and elegant way while taking care of every small detail.

There is an intrinsic beauty in a well thought out solution, and the opposite is true as well — bad solutions are usually complex and ugly. Our people have taste and they pay attention to every single detail.

We deliver wow not only for our customers but for ourselves as well

Any internal product or process across oneadvocate must be sleek and relentlessly focused on experience and efficiency. It is like a precise ball pass that enables your teammate to score beautifully. We owe it to our dream team so that they can focus on what is truly important — our customers.



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