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Labor consulting

Consultations of a labor lawyer

Any question in the field of labor relations

Have you been fired?

Ask our lawyer in advance to prepare or prevent it. Find out what your rights are and what you can expect!

Have you been discriminated at work?

Write to the lawyer about the situation and we will intervene in the most serious way!

You don’t get paid?

Don’t waste your time! Contact a lawyer! Help must be prompt!

Do you have a business and need advice on labor issues?

Full support of labor issues in your business

Join a trade union — protect your rights!

We have created and run several labor unions! Join your company’s union online. This will effectively protect your rights. See all our unions. If there is no suitable one, then write to us and we will create it!

Upgrade to stand out from the crowd with a Metal card

Discover a card you’ll want to show off with 18g of solid reinforced steel. Exclusive to Metal customers, first card free. (Additional cards cost £40, subject to terms)

Let’s make your labor rights valuable!

And what type of question will you ask our lawyer?

What should I do if my salary is not paid for several months?

I am not promoted because of my citizenship. What should I do?

I’m pregnant, and that’s why they want to fire me. Help!

I was fined by my employer for not having a sales plan

Get a lawyer’s consultation right now

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