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Подготовка и проверка на документи

Всякакви и уникални документи. И също така повече от 5000 шаблона

Изготвяне на уникални документи

Адвокатът ще подготви документи за вашия бизнес: договори, писма, молби и жалби

Проверка на документи

Професионалната правна проверка на документи ще избегне много рискове в бизнеса

Шаблони на документи

Ние предлагаме над 5000 шаблона на документи за изпълнителен директор, човешки ресурси, счетоводство, правни въпроси, маркетинг и продажби. Всичко, което трябва да направите, е да въведете вашите данни.

Bulk payments

Save time and effort by paying all your suppliers and employees in a few clicks. Set up single or multi-currency payments and upload bulk payment files

Recurring and scheduled payments

Get on top of standing orders and recurring card payments. Spot duplicates, pause subscriptions and get notified of changes so you’ll never subscribe for longer than you need

Here’s what our customers say

«Super-fast payments, transparency on exact amounts, and no hidden fees really help build supplier trust.»

Alberto Espinos, CEO & Co-Founder • Tropic Feel

«We make payments in a few clicks at a great exchange rate. oneadvocate Business saves us time and money.»
Alžbeta Martišová, Head of Treasury • Kiwi

Нашите документи позволяват:

Опростяване на бизнес процесите

Ускоряване работата на персонала

Предотвратяване на правни рискове

Избягване на спорове и загуби

Изпратете вашите документи при нас за проверка!

Need a little more help?

Business Transfers FAQs

You can send money to 100+ countries in 30+ currencies with oneadvocate Business.

Where you can send money depends on where you’re sending from, the currency you want to send, and where you’re sending to.

Find out more about sending money with oneadvocate Business.

You can easily send money with oneadvocate Business to external banks or oneadvocate accounts.

To send money you’ll need your recipient’s details: phone number, the recipient’s full name, their bank account number, and their BIC/SWIFT number. Sometimes, we may ask you for other details like their city as well.

Use SWIFT payments to send an international business payment with oneadvocate Business. In the app, select who to pay and choose a payment route – either Guaranteed SWIFT (OUR – you pay the fees so your recipient gets an exact amount) or SWIFT (SHA — where intermediary banks may take fees from the initial amount you send).

Find out more about payments and fees.

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